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NextHome launches luxury brand ‘The Casan Collection’

The brand will aim "to be a new benchmark for how luxury real estate is represented, marketed, advertised and sold."... read more

Constellation Real Estate Group acquires digital marketer Paradym

Constellation Real Estate Group continues to grow in the marketing space by absorbing long-time industry player Paradym, which first offered CD-ROM tech in the early 1990s.... read more

Affordability trumps wildfire risk for homeowners on West Coast

According to Redfin's latest study, homebuyers are choosing affordable areas with higher wildfire risk as demand and home prices heat up in low-risk areas.... read more

The quiet iBuyer war on real estate commissions: DelPrete

Buyer agent commissions — the fee paid to a buyer's agent when a house is sold — is the focus of multiple class-action lawsuits. But it turns out that the biggest threat to the traditional structure might be iBuyers, which have been waging a silent, systematic war on buyer's agent commissions.... read more

September was a record-breaking month for prices, sales and speed

Rising home prices, increasing sales and fewer days on market characterized a historic September in the United States, according to a report issued Monday by Redfin.... read more

‘Opendoor for rentals’ startup adds former WeWork, Opendoor veterans

Doorstead announced new hires Monday, including WeWork's former chief real estate officer and executives from Opendoor, Expedia and Uber.... read more

Keep up! 3 tips to navigate the post-pandemic sales boom

Is the COVID-induced hubbub of activity keeping you on your toes? These three tips will help you keep your post-pandemic momentum going and stay on track with your clients’ evolving needs.... read more

How this megateam is maximizing its sellers’ proceeds

Here's an inside look at how one real estate team is transforming homes, increasing clients' wealth and boosting the level of equity in local neighborhoods.... read more

Inman Handbook on building a luxury brand

Whether you’re starting from scratch or differentiating your current brand, here are the keys to speaking the language of luxe.... read more

Navigating the long-term decentralizing of work (part 2 of 2)

As interest in urban condos fluctuates and suburban mansions see multiple offers, the shift to decentralized work is disrupting both buying and selling trends across luxury markets. Buyers are adjusting how — and where — they’re opting to live. It’s up to luxury agents to help clients list and acquire properties amid all the uncertainty of ... read more

What should real estate and software companies have in common?

Successful brokerages want to work with successful companies. Think about that for a second. It’s such a simple concept, but it means so much when it comes to finding the right companies to partner with. Many real estate professionals only scratch the surface before deciding what brokerage they would like to work for.... read more

Agents who don’t embrace change will ‘go the way of the dodo!’

With Zillow and Opendoor building a totally tech-driven transaction at the expense of real estate agents, agents must figure out how they can come out on top. Those agents who find this scary and those that find it exciting will likely predict who survives and thrives, and who become extinct.... read more

The 2021 Agent of the Year Awards: How to enter and win

Between today’s rapid-paced market, uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 and a perpetually alarming media cycle, a few things are certain: We’re all tired. We’re all frustrated. And we’re all focused on how little control we have, rather than how we can use our own individual power to get through this. (Gesturing broadly: YES, ALL OF THIS.)... read more

Does your brokerage encourage your entrepreneurial spirit?

Being an entrepreneur means you have a deep passion for building something from nothing. It also means you are willing to push yourself to the limit to achieve your goals. The entrepreneurial spirit isn’t something you are taught, it’s something you must develop within yourself.... read more

3 tech-enabled strategies driving broker independence from portals

Big-name listing portals continue to bring controversy. In light of recent announcements, the debate over their role in the industry isn’t going away. One of the most contentious topics over the years has been the portals’ use and resale of brokers’ listing data.... read more

15 easy-as-pie seller projects that’ll help buyers fall in love

Providing a buyer's-eye view is something you, as their agent, need to do whenever they decide to sell. The place to start is, of course, at the curb. Here’s a checklist of curb appeal items to review with your sellers.... read more

Here are the hidden costs of homeselling you should disclose to clients

There are a lot of hidden costs that go into closing — and many sellers aren't aware of them. That's why it's your job as the listing agent to educate them on what's to come and keep the process running smoothly.... read more

John L. Scott Real Estate launches zavvie-powered iBuyer in Portland

John L. Scott Real Estate, a brokerage with over 110 offices and 3,000 brokers across four states, has teamed up with end-to-end iBuyer platform zavvie to create its new iBuyer platform, Instant Purchase Plus+.... read more

Corcoran follows the suburban boom into Westchester County

The brand is setting up shop in the suburbs north of New York City — just as President Trump seeks to characterize it as "ground zero" for crime.... read more